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Suso: Milan Playing Well

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Suso: Milan Playing Well

Suso believes that Milan have played well against Genoa despite being with an incomplete team. He said that victory is very important

The Rossoneri have to play with 10 men after the red card which bears Leonardo Bonucci by the referee. The draw is the fifth match of AC Milan in all the leagues.

“We have played well even though it is not complete,” Suso told the media after the game.

“Playing with fewer players is certainly more difficult than playing with a full team. We have played well with 10 men. ”

“Getting the 3 points is very important today.”

Suso is revealed as an attacking midfielder in this 3-4-2-1 system, and he has played very well.

“Coach [Vincenzo Montella] is trying to figure out what works best for the team. If he puts me in a different position, it’s all the same for me. The important thing is to keep helping the team. “

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